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I think I’ve been having a love affair with books my entire life.  I love nothing more than the feeling of anticipation I have when a new book arrives in my clutches.  Leafing through the pages, absorbing the thought that has gone into producing this little piece of inspiration/information/emotion.

Reading a good book beats any other pastime hands-down.  Getting absorbed in a novel while snuggling under cozy blanket in bed on a winters day… lazy mornings spent reading with my girls and introducing them to some of my childhood favourites… sourcing much inspiration from those non-fiction titles that are written by authors with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for their subject… busy family trips to the library… and indulgent just-mama trips to the bookshop.  Too many visits to!!

So, once a month in the Booknotes series, I will be detailing my favourite reads for the month.  It’s as simple as that.  As much as I can I will tie them into the themes of A Happy Adventure but, if I read a great novel or something else tickles my fancy, you’ll be hearing all about those too.



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