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Follow Your Bliss by Lot 9 Press

Follow Your Bliss by Lot 9 Press

Forward Progress

So, I am having a bit of a Tara Gentile love-fest at the moment.  In her own words, Tara empowers passionate people to produce and profit.  To me, Tara is a constant inspiration.  She has special insight into the aspirations of creatives who are wanting to etch out success on their own terms.  Her calls to action always (without fail) get me thinking.

I recently completed the inaugural  edition of her inspiring Art of Action e-course and am currently mid-way through Website Kickstart, which is teaching me everything I need to know to set up my web home just the way I want it… and I think things are coming along quite nicely.

Hmmm… I didn’t make a lot of *concrete* progress (a newborn baby, a toddler and a preschooler starting kindy will do that to ya!) during the Art of Action course, but it provided clarity to many of the foggy issues that had been cluttering my mind.  I feel like I have real direction now and am much more positive about how to achieve my goals, at the top of my list is getting A Happy Adventure up and running.  One of the best things I learned was that I must be gentle with myself.  Each step, no matter how small, is forward progress.  We often expect so much of ourselves – we expect BIG things, we love GRAND gestures… but many small steps added together will still achieve goals.

My original plan was to *go live* with A Happy Adventure at the beginning of June…  This would give me enough time to finish Website Kickstart and another couple of weeks to tweak the design.  But, to be honest, my one “Work in Progress” post is getting a bit sad all on it’s lonesome… and all this talk of action has me itching to do something.  So, I’m thinking that while I finalise the design of my little nook on the ‘net, I will post some updates about my plans and inspiration for this space.  So think of the next month’s worth of posts as an extended About me session.

Geeking Out

Have you ever heard the term Geeking Out?  I heard it for the first time during one of Tara’s Art of Action sessions and immediately fell in love.  You know, so much is spoken these days of following our passions and being true to ourselves, and if we do that, well, then we can create a fulfilling lifestyle and inspire others… so that’s what geeking out is all about – those things you are so passionate – they enchant you, inspire you, drive you and consume you.

Since I discovered blogs (almost two years ago when I was often up  in the wee hours nursing a newborn with nothing but my computer to keep me awake!!) I have known that I wanted my own.  There are so many things about blogging that draw me in – the words, the visuals and the community.  However, I’ve never been quite sure what I could offer the blogosphere.  What would I write about that would be of interest?   Well, of course it is clear now, I shall write about those things that make me Geek Out.

I have eclectic passions, but pretty much everything I geek out over can be divided into three categories and these are the themes of A Happy Adventure.

I’ll be back soon to tell you all my ideas and plans for sharing these passions of mine with you.

Tell me, what is it that you Geek Out over?  Is it something you have loved forever or is it a newly developed passion?  Are you able to incorporate it into your everyday life or are you still looking for ways to do that?

Love always,

Hana xo

Image: Lot 9 Press

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