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I always knew I was going to be a Mama.  Way before I knew much of anything else, I knew that this role of Mama was going to be the defining role of my life.

One of the things I looked forward to most was all those moments I would spend with my bubbas bonding over creative projects:  sharing with them those things that really inspired and energised me, and learning and creating together.  Since the girls were born I have discovered patience.  It turns out babies don’t come out of the womb ready to draw and paper mâché and bake cakes!  So, it felt like forever before Ava had the ability to sit and concentrate on a particular activity for longer than 10 minutes, but now one of our favourite things to do is sit together and work on our ‘Art Journals’ while Lola and Belle are napping.  Lola (who is almost two) is still eating paint and glue-stick (among other things I would rather not mention!) – but this is perfect for adventures in the kitchen.  A favourite afternoon activity is making cookies or muffins, or just preparing dinner together.  I love these moments just as much as I thought I would: it is a part of our lives that makes me feel very connected to them.

As I have already shared with you, I love any excuse to celebrate.  But, I have found that as the girls are so young and still not familiar with the changing of the seasons or the various holidays that mark the passing of each year, I still need to teach them about these occasions and why they are important and exciting for us.  I have found a great way to do this, while also building anticipation, is to create little projects that we can make together in the lead up to each occasion.

Make is a series that I hope will provide you with lots of inspiration to cook and create crafts with your children based on the various occasions that we celebrate each year.

Love always,

Hana xo

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