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Let’s delve into the first theme of A Happy Adventure: Nurture


verb /ˈnərCHər/

  1. Care for and encourage the growth or development of
  2. Cherish (a hope, belief, or ambition)

I am a mama, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a woman.  I think that in all of these roles nurturing comes naturally.  On a daily basis I consider what the best ways are for me to nurture myself, my family and my circle of friends.  Nurturing is innate in my being.  It is what I love to do.  It makes me feel connected.

I am passionate about making magical moments out of every day and celebrating all that this one wild and precious life has to give.  One of my greatest interests is to discover more about family rituals and traditions.  As I mentioned, I want to create magical moments out of every day, so I’m interested in the rituals families have for saying goodnight or for doing homework as well as those traditions around big holidays like Christmas or special days like birthdays.  I would love to hear all about the rituals and traditions you have in your life.

Nourishing my family and friends with a decent meal always brings a smile to my face.  Cooking is a real passion of mine and I intend to share some of my adventures in the kitchen with you on a regular basis.

As a parent, I want to grow my children with strong values and I am always searching for fun and positive ways to do this.  My bubbas are still so small but every step of the way I hope (and worry) that I have provided them with the resources to grow into happy and healthy people.

I am so interested in starting a conversation with you.  How do you nurture yourself and your family?  What are your favourite ways to connect and celebrate?  What are those things you cherish the most?

Here are the series that fit within Nurture that I will be sharing with you:

  • Celebrate
  • Make
  • Grow
  • Love Letters
  • Nourish

Tomorrow I’ll share my plans for Celebrate.

Love always,

Hana xo

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