{Nourish} Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been on the hunt for the ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

Before Barry and I had the girls, I fantasised I was a Mrs Cunningham (come on – you know, Happy Days) type of Mama that had a glass of cold milk and a chocolate chip cookie (still warm from the oven) ready for my littlies as soon as they stepped off the school bus. The kiddies would sit in the kitchen eating their cookies, sipping their milk,  and they would pour out to me all the fun and excitement and hurts and frustrations from their day.  Yes, of course, I live in fantasy-land some days,  but it does sound lovely, right?!

After much trial and error, I’m pretty sure that today I can share with you the yummiest chocolate chip cookie recipe.  This one is adapted from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook (which is filled with all sorts of easy and yummy baked goodies).

It’s very simple (and quick) to make, and the only changes I have made to the recipe is to increase the amount of salt, as I have discovered a little saltiness seems to enhance the rich chocolate flavour.  I also increased the amount of vanilla… (why?  Because I love vanilla and I’m a firm believer that more is more!)

If you give the recipe a go, please let me know what you think.  And if you have a favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe that you’d like to send to me, I’d love to give it a go.

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5 Responses to “{Nourish} Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. July 04, 2011 at 9:23 pm, Ria Apiata said:

    Hey Hana!

    Wow i am totally amazed with your blog and alll the wonderfully creative things you’ve done for Lola’s second bday.. wow you inspire me to do more for my own kids and for my own parties and house and everything.. love everything.. fantastic work!!! love it ALL!!

    Best wishes for lots of success, you’re definitely creative and got the eye for all this stuff!! xx


    • July 04, 2011 at 11:43 pm, Hana said:

      Thanks so much Ria – it means a lot! I hope you know that you inspire me too with your commitment to your family and such creativity too! We are two peas in a pod I think!! H xo


  2. July 08, 2011 at 9:03 pm, Denise said:

    Tried the chocolate chip cookie recipe – LOVED it! So easy and sooooo delicious! If anything, next time I might put less salt in, but otherwise perfect. My kids commented that they were better than the shop ones :) Looking forward to trying the birthday cake recipe. Loving your birthday party ideas – I too love kiddies parties, but am nowhere near as creative as you, love the ideas and inspiration :)


    • July 08, 2011 at 10:13 pm, Hana said:

      Hi Denise! I’m so glad the cookies were such a success! It definitely must be one of the easiest recipes around… I have to resist the urge to make them, otherwise I would eat them all day, every day (sigh!).

      Kiddies parties are the best, aren’t they!? Am already brainstorming ideas for Ava’s birthday in October!
      H xo


  3. August 21, 2011 at 11:38 pm, {Nourish} Anzac Biscuits said:

    […] been on a little baking binge lately.  I definitely have my favourites: those chocolate chip cookies; there is this Martha Stewart coconut cookie recipe I’ve adapted that I’ll have to […]


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