{Enchanted} 13 June, 2011

Hello Fellow Adventurer,

Here’s a little round-up of what had me enchanted this week.

  1. Ava started kindy in February.  It has been such an exciting time: both enchanting and nerve-racking watching my sweet and sensitive baby find her feet – settle in to new routines and make lots of new friends.  Her play has changed since starting kindy and the thing I have really noticed is her desire to make believe.  I love that!  Gorgeous image found via A Spot of Whimsy.
  2. I am currently deep in planning mode for Lola’s second birthday.  She turns two on the 30th of June, and we’ll be celebrating BIG this year.  Poor thing, last year she missed out on the traditional first birthday as I was super-sick with morning sickness while pregnant with Belle.  The theme for her birthday is one of our favourite Dr Seuss books, Oh, the Places You’ll Go.  I hope to share some pictures of preparations and the party with you in the weeks to come.
  3. I’ve already shared with you my great love of Belle and Boo, and this week I spotted this limited edition set of prints, called Up and Down.  We have a copy of the Belle and Boo Fly a Kite print… so now, I must work out how to get my mitts on the rest!
  4. We are finally getting parts of our house plastered (after moving in almost two years ago!)… and that means that I’ve been busy on the net searching high and low for wall treatment ideas.  I’ve collated my favies onto this pinterest board.
  5. Oh my gosh… how cute is this little guy?!  Just deciding which of my bubbas I can get this Sweet Poppy Cat for Christmas!  He totally reminds me of Max from Where the Wild Things Are.
  6. My Mama treated the family to some special dessert earlier in the week… the name of the company is Dollop – isn’t that just the perfect name for a dessert maker!?  We had Sticky Date Pudding and Vanilla Bean Custard… it was so yummy.  I am now waiting for an excuse to try the Chocolate Molten Torte.
  7. Over at www.ashleyannphotography.com she has a tutorial for making a Tree Limb Curtain Rod.  I love that her inspiration came from a desire to use what she at hand and, more importantly, not to take her kids to the shops!
  8. Totally obsessed with this quote: Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life. – Mary Oliver… (did you notice it down the bottom of the page?)… and totally adore this blogger (Ez from Creature Comforts).  Her photography and sense of style is A-MAZ-ING!
  9. Do you know about Thursday Night Dinners?  I love how they combine crafting, cooking and girl time (bliss, right?!) and have been devouring their website for lots of inspirational ideas.
  10. This has been sitting in my etsy shopping cart for, oh, approximately 3 months… I am trying to work out how I can justify spending that money.  The truth is I totally adore it.  I love it when you find a piece of art someone else has created and it just speaks to you.  This one speaks to me.  Happily Ever After?  Yes, I’m living it.  I’m making it happen.
  11. I read a couple of great posts this week about finding your voice and telling your story.
  12. Now that Winter is officially upon us, I am craving hot chocolate… this one looks so yummy… I wish I could take photographs like that!
  13. We went to the zoo as a family last Monday as it was Queen’s Birthday Weekend.  We had given Ava a camera that morning as a reward for an extended period of sleeping all night in her own bed (yes, we are still battling with that after almost four years of parenthood!)  She was very proud of herself and the camera was possibly the best present ever – she is relishing her role as photographer, and when we flicked through the pictures when we got home, we decided (as completely non-biased observers of course!) that she’s got a pretty good eye for a 3 year old!  It was so cool to see the world through her eyes… and made me realise how little and frustrated she must feel sometimes.  Example?  This is the family portrait she took of us at the entrance to the zoo:

So tell me, what had you enchanted this past week?  What inspired you?  And, what are you looking forward to in the upcoming week?





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