{Enchanted} 20 June, 2011

Hello Fellow Adventurer,

It’s that time of the week again – another round up of all that has enchanted me during the week thats been.

First of all, though, I really wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to have a look around, written a comment, signed up for the newsletter, or told their friends about my little nook on the internet.    In the lead up to starting A Happy Adventure, I had such a vision of what I intended for this space, but there was always this little voice in the back of my head wondering if it would be of interest to other people (you know that voice, right?)… I was more than a little nervous to put myself out there as an open book, if you like.  You have no idea how much your words of encouragement have meant to me.  And all I can say is thank you.  I’m hoping that as this all develops a real community can grow from this space… a place where we all feel supported and inspired and encouraged and it brings me great joy to think you will be joining me on this adventure.

So, back to the enchantments…

  1. Over at one of my favourite blogs, Katrina of Pugly Pixel showed her readers how she made some very cute calling cards (with confetti!) … would be a lovely idea for a party planner.
  2. I first discovered Bridget Pilloud while taking Tara Gentile’s awesome Art of Action ecourse earlier this year.  She was one of the appointed Action Masters, and I have been following her blog ever since.  I like her insight and her sense of humour.  Last week she wrote a post entailed Bitch Please. In it, she writes, “What people say about you always has more to do with them than you.  It’s how you take it that tells you about you.” AND “If you use a word towards me, it becomes mine.” This really resonated with me.  I am a super-sensitive soul and I take things on board far too much.  I loved how Bridget is calling me out and telling me that I can take the power back in these sorts of situations.  That I needn’t be a victim.  Pretty empowering, I think.
  3. Belle has recently discovered her feet.  I can’t quite work out if she knows they belong to her yet.  I love watching her grasp for them and it makes me giggle at how fascinated she seems by them. That is actually a photo of Ava’s feet taken when she was a baby by our very talented neighbour and family friend, Liz.
  4. I love this gal’s style.  I have a dear friend like this, who has such a definite sense of style that you can just tell you want to get to know her because of the vivid way she dresses.  This is something that I’d really like to work on, having that for myself.
  5. Aren’t these lovely?!  Amsterdam Canal House inspired storage.  So cute – I would love to have a couple of these in the girls’ playroom (if I win lotto sometime soon!).  Found via LMNOP blog.
  6. I was brought up as an only child.  One of the things I craved most when we started our family was for my children to know the special relationship that is having a sibling.  These two are now at an age when their special bond is quite obvious.  When we pick Ava up from kindy, the first thing they do is give each other a great big bear hug.  They are so pleased to see one another.  I love that they are now developing their own special ties.  I hear them talking to each other in the morning or at bedtime and I love that they are having conversations and in-jokes that are all their own.  I can’t wait to see their friendship develop.  It is quite lovely to behold.
  7. I’m in love.  This is Flora (7).  Oh, and her friend ‘Hug a Cloud’ (8).  These two were delivered to my very grateful mailbox earlier this week.  I knew I loved them as soon as I saw them here… And I knew I super-dooper-de-looper loved them when I opened the package and got to touch and inspect all the very delicate details.  They deserve big photos so you can truly appreciate the loveliness.
  8. I’d really like to keep them for myself, but I’m pretty sure Barry would object to them being in our bed… and Flora is really a 2nd birthday present for Lola and ‘Hug-a-cloud’ (who needs a better name!) is for one of my many to dos – Belle’s nursery re-do.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to sneak in a cuddle here and there though!
  9. New York.  Free Admission to those who dream. I found this beautiful artwork by ‘Custom Chalk Letterer’ Dana Tanamachi via the Twig & Thistle blog.  We are saving our pennies to make a trip to New York for Christmas in a couple of years time.  This is a big deal for me.  My lovely Mama and I made a deal when I was still in school that one day we would spend a Christmas and New Year’s together in New York City.  Finishing school, university, marriage and now three bubbas later, we finally decided to set a date.  At the beginning of last year we opened a bank account and have been squirreling away funds so we are all set to embark on our great New York adventure for the Christmas of 2014.  Sounds far away now, but I bet the time is going to fly by.
  10. Oh gosh, terrible web etiquette I know, but I stumbled upon this site during the week, and I can’t remember how.  Anyway, they have some very cute educational printables for the bubbas. I find it very rare to find something that is a combination of educational, free and aesthetically pleasing, so I was pretty delighted with the find. I am especially looking forward to printing off the alphabet play cards to try out with Ava.
  11. Leslie, of A Creative Mint is a never-ending source of enchantment. She compiles the most amazing inspiration boards and has an incredible sense of style and colour. I am charmed by her work on a daily basis.
  12. I’m currently looking for any excuse to buy this.  It’s a Belle and Boo melamine set illustrated with ‘Ava’s Tea Party’… LOVE!

So tell me, what had you enchanted this past week?  What inspired you?  And, what are you looking forward to in the upcoming week?






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