{explore} about


verb /ikˈsplôr/

1. Travel in or through (an unfamiliar country or area) in order to learn about or familiarise oneself with it.

2. Search for resources.

I *dream* of exploring the world… of discovering every nook and cranny… anything and everything about travelling fascinates me.  I love that feeling of the possibility around every corner exploring a new place brings, and I want to bring that sense of adventure into my life – not just when I board a plane or step foot in a new place, but each and every day.

I love learning and discovering.  I love that on this planet, in this country, in my city there are people and places and things that are so different from who I am and what I know, and I hunger to find out more about them.  I truly believe in a world where we accept and celebrate our differences instead of mistrusting those who we don’t know or understand.  I love Mark Twain’s quote:

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…

I want to share with you my passion for exploration.  Why don’t we share this adventure together?  Let’s compare notes on both those discoveries which take place on our doorsteps and those half a world away.  Tell me your dreams of wanderlust and I promise to tell you mine!

So, under this theme of Explore I’d love to share with you the following series:

  • Wanderlust: the exploration of a particular destination, which will include the following topics…
    • Destination Inspiration
    • Fantasy Trip
    • Top 10
    • Food from Afar
    • Big Little Adventures
  • The Explorer’s Manifesto

Tomorrow, I’ll share my plans for the Wanderlust series.





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