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(Quick Note… so, I have just realised that brevity is not one of my strengths… this was meant to be a quick post with my Fantasy Trip to France – some pretty pictures and lovely links and there you have it.  IT TURNS OUT… I can’t do that… I just have TOO MUCH to share with you.  So, I have split the post into two.  The first focusing on Paris, and the second on the rest of France.)

If I could only travel to one country ever again, it would be France.  In the Springtime.  My Fantasy Trip to France would begin in Paris (of course).  I would stay there for at least a couple of months, to really soak in the Parisian lifestyle.

Where to Stay

So, I would need an apartment to stay in… here are a couple that don’t look too {ahem} bad.

I couldn’t decide between these three apartments:

  1. Top Row: The problem with this 2-bedroom apartment in St-Germain is that it is so beautiful I wouldn’t leave. Seriously.  Check out those exposed beams in the bedroom… sigh.
  2. Middle Row: OK, a Penthouse apartment in St Germain.  Great, right?!  But what I love the most is that view.  That is truly iconic Paris.
  3. Bottom Row: Imagine waking up in the morning and strolling through the gardens of the Palais Royal to the Louvre.  And, it doesn’t stop there, this 3 bedroom apartment is also (a) big enough to fit my whole family, (b) equipped with an enormous kitchen, and (c) has a private terrace overlooking the gardens.

Now settled in, to the very comfortable accommodation (!!) it’s time to go exploring.

What to do

There is so much I would do in Paris… mostly I would love to just wander the streets, choosing a different arrondissement every day to explore… there are a few other things on my list.

  • A day on the islands (Ile de la Cite and Ile Saint Louis)

    I think that the two islands in the middle of the Seine are one of the most enchanting parts of Paris. Ile de la Cite is connected to the rest of Paris by Pont Neuf (image, top left), the oldest standing bridge across the Seine, built in 1607.  As well as the old-world charm of the islands, it is also worth a visit as there are two of the most amazing (and famous) churches in the world.  Notre Dame Cathedral is, of course, a must see.  And, in my opinion, the lesser known Sainte-Chapelle (which has the most incredible stained-glass windows I have ever seen) is even more awe-inspiring.

  • A romantic evening in Paris

    My ideal romantic evening in Paris is very cliched.  It would begin with a lovely dinner for two (see below for more details), followed by a trip up the Eiffel Tower (image, top right)… and finally a stroll along the Seine… or the Champs Elysee… bliss.

  • Julia Child Inspiration

    Some people collect spoons, some people buy tea towels… I like to take cooking classes as souvenirs of my travels.  Paris must be the Mecca for aspiring cooks.  After browsing the many options, I think a day class at the Ritz Escoffier school (image, centre left) would definitely be included during my Fantasy Trip to Paris.

  • Getting my fill of art

    Spending a day at the Musee d’Orsay is much more my cup of tea than the Louvre. It houses Paris’ collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Art (my favourite) and is set in an old train station (thanks Kate, for pointing that out!).  Let’s name drop… they’ve got Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Renoir (image, centre right), Cezanne… and many more, more, more…

  • Explore Paris by Foot

    Did I mention I like to walk?  To wander.  I love it – it’s the best way to discover, hands down.  So… what better than taking a few Paris Walking Tours… top of my list would be the Village of  Montmartre (image, bottom left) walk… oh, and they have a suggested reading list pre-walk!  love, Love, LOVE!!!

  • Gourmet Shopping

    According to this article,  Le Bon Marche (image, bottom right) is THE place to go for gourmet food supplies… as well as any other shopping needs you may have… (I’m thinking Harrods meets Paris?).  So I would imagine a trip here and then back to my gigantic apartment kitchen to experiment would be pretty awesome.

  • Some other ideas…

    Right, so I could go on and on and on… but for the sake of not staying up until midnight… and not losing you half-way through this post… I’ll stop now.  Oh wait, just two more lists you might want to check out… some suggested alternative museums to visit… and one more great list of things to do by Time Out… ok, done now!

Mmmm… so after all that doing, it’s time for some sustenance.

What to eat

  • I will be on a mission to seek out the best afternoon tea venue in Paris….  Top contenders include, the home of those yummy looking macaroons, Laduree… or, the rumoured home of Paris’ yummiest hot chocolate, Angelina’s.
  • Many hours will be spent wandering the amazing food markets of Paris… you know that scene in Julie and Julia (you HAVE seen it, haven’t you?!), the one where Meryl Streep, as Julia Child, strolls through the markets chatting with the Parisian purveyors, laughing and sampling the yummiest of goodies.  Yep.  That’ll be me.  Here’s a good list of food markets.
  • Like hot dogs and pretzels in New York, you can’t really visit Paris without sampling a crepe from a street-side stall in Paris.  Mmmm…. perhaps I’ll purchase one to eat while I take my chocolate walking tour of Paris.
  • Finally, I can’t visit Paris without at least one gourmet dining experience.  I consulted the world’s top 50 list of restaurants for some suggestions… and decided that I would love to try dinner at Le Chateaubriand which has some amazingly inventive sounding dishes… Barry and I love to dissect a menu… with dishes like an amuse bouche of frozen foie gras, rhubarb granita and baby radishes, I think we’d have great fun!
  • Oh yeah, and by now you will have realised I can’t finish a list without another list… here’s some more yummy ideas by David Lebovitz.

So there you have it, my idea of the ultimate trip to Paris.  What do you think?  What would you include in your plans?  I’ll be posting the follow up tomorrow, with my ideas for the rest of France.







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4 Responses to “{Fantasy Trip} Paris”

  1. June 24, 2011 at 11:58 am, Brandy said:

    Okay, so, you’re taking me with you, right? Seriously, I may literally be lusting over all things French after reading this post. When do we leave?


    • June 24, 2011 at 12:04 pm, Hana said:

      Ahahaha… well, we will need to find someone to watch the littlies, I think?! … I can’t imagine taking 3 under 4 on an almost 24-hour plane trip at this stage!!! But, if we can sort that out… I’ll definitely take you!!! H xo


  2. March 13, 2013 at 1:43 pm, amy said:

    love this! paris is my place – you did an amazing wrap up!


    • March 14, 2013 at 12:00 pm, Hana said:

      Thanks Amy. I adore Paris also (as you might have guessed!!) one day I hope to get a chance to live there for an extended period of time. It would be a dream come true!

      H xo>


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