{Love Letters} How my Bubbas got their names


The Love Letters series is my opportunity to tell you a bit more about my personal story… and  I guess, as I’m telling you my story, I should just start at the start.

But where is my start?  I feel like I’ve had so many new beginnings, even just in my adult life I could pick from a few:

  • moving out of home
  • finishing uni and getting a ‘real job’
  • getting married
  • my overseas adventures
  • And then, of course, welcoming each of my three bubbas into the world.

My lovely gals – *if you want to know the definition of impossible, try to get 3 bubbas to look at you and smile at the same time!*


So here’s the story of how three of my new beginnings got their names:

My Ava Sweetheart

Ava wasn’t going to be an Ava, even before I was pregnant I was fairly certain that if we had a baby girl, her name would be Ruby.  So how did we end up with an Ava?  It’s not a romantic story.  I love the stories people tell of  gazing into the baby’s eyes and automatically knowing who she was destined to be.  No, that’s not for us though.  I am too much of a planner for that.  I had to have her name many months before she was even due.  I found Ava’s name in the very first baby name book I picked up.  As soon as I spoke the name aloud, it was instant agreement.  I didn’t even get past the ‘A’s’ And so our little Ava, who’s name means ‘like a bird’, is destined to fly high.

My Lovely Lola Mae

I loved the name Lola even before I was pregnant with her.  After Ava was born, I discovered Lauren Child’s series of Charlie & Lola books… and I have always been a fan of the famous Kinks song (never mind what the song is actually about!!).  It was that easy, no back and forth (and I honestly can’t imagine Lola having any other name – she is such a ‘Lola’!) –  And what I love is that just as Ava is thoughtful and beautiful and delicate just as her name evokes, my Lola is strong-willed and grounded and more than a little bit lovely, just as her name suggests.

My Beautiful Bubba Belle

So, finally, our little Belle-Belle.  Months and months of debating names… well really… me suggesting names and Barry turning them down… and honestly I thought we were going to have a baby that would be known as ‘Baby of Hana Colmar’ for the first few months of her life!  (I know a guy that was known by the name of his road for the first 7 weeks of his life because his parents couldn’t decide!)   Once you’re up to baby girl #3, it turns out, agreeing on a name is highly unlikely.  I tried to pull out the ‘I-have-to-give-birth-so-I-should-get-naming-rights’ card, but Barry wouldn’t have a bar of it.  There were about three names we kept coming back to, and at the top of that list was Bella… but it was making Top 10 lists all over the place, and that put me off a bit.

By coincidence, we already had an art print for each of the girls from the very talented Mandy Sutcliffe’s Belle & Boo Collection.  In an act of desperation (only half serious, really!) I told Barry to pick a name from the remaining collection so that each baby could have their very own piece of art.  Instead of an Evie or a Lila, without even realising it, we named our baby after a Disney princess (Beauty and the Beast, anyone?)!  And, even though we are just getting to know Belle, I can see that she has a beautiful spirit, just like her name evokes.

*You can find a huge variety of Belle & Boo products on the Belle and Boo website or at their etsy shop. We have the Ava with Wings, Lola Freedom and Belle and Boo Fly a Kite prints.  Oh, and if you want to know the meaning of adorable – check out the gorgeous clothing range they’ve got going on!*

Do you have a great story about the naming of someone in your family? Or about someone you know who epitomizes the meaning of their name?  I would love to hear all about it… choosing a name is so amazing and I really do believe that people grow into their names so please share your stories with me in the comments section below.








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2 Responses to “{Love Letters} How my Bubbas got their names”

  1. June 09, 2011 at 11:25 am, Brandy said:

    Hana – your girls’ names our beautiful! I love Charlie and Lola, too! And I was seriously thinking of naming future babe Belle, before we found out we are having a little guy!

    My daughter’s name is Sadie – and I found hers the same way you found your Ava’s – as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one! And she is such a Sadie, too – full of spirit and beauty while being a bit of a diva. :)

    Names for boys seem to be much more difficult. But we’re thinking of naming our son Brooklyn Corey. We were going to use Brooklyn if it was a girl, but the more we think about it, we like it better for a boy. And my husband’s cousin, Corey, just passed away last month. They were very close, and Corey was one of the most interesting, intelligent guys I’ve ever met. So we want to bless our son with his name.


    • June 09, 2011 at 11:58 am, Hana said:

      Brandy – I love the name Sadie – it is quite unusual and I love that! Brooklyn Corey is a great name – I think that honouring loved ones who are no longer with us by using their names is such a wonderful thing to do. All 3 of my girls have middle names which have been picked in memory of someone from our extended family. It is such a special way to carry on your family’s history – and I think lovely when the bubbas get old enough to ask about their name to share those stories with them! H xo


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