{Nourish} Ideas for Winter

Winter is my favourite time for cooking and eating.

I say that at the beginning of every season.  I am one of those people who awaits each change of season eagerly.  I’m always ready for the new seasonal delights a change of weather brings.

To me, winter means comfort.  I’m thinking delicious soups with warm, freshly made bread and butter… a yummy roast chicken or lamb dinner to share with friends and family on a Sunday evening… tasty casseroles that have spent all day cooking in my Winter go-to appliance – the Slow Cooker… and what better way to end a meal than with a scrummy rice pudding or chocolate self-saucing pudding!!!

Today, I thought I’d share with you:

  • My most favourite (and easy-peasy) soup recipe
  • The yummiest chicken casserole ever
  • And… the best of the pudding world… a warm and gooey chocolate self-saucing pudding!

Quick and Easy Mushroom Soup

This is one of those recipes that is so easy you don’t even need a recipe… as you can see, even Lola can make it!!  It seriously only takes about 30 minutes to make (a little longer if the two-year-old insists on peeling the garlic ALL BY HERSELF!).  Mushroom soup is one of my very favourite winter soup recipes as it is so earthy and hearty.  If you click on the recipe below it will open in a new window so you can download the recipe.

Chicken French Onion Casserole

When I was eleven and a budding chef, my Mum bought me this book for my birthday:

It is full of easy but very yummy ideas for cooks who are just getting started in the kitchen… my family have a few favourites from here that we have been making for the past two decades (gulp!)  You can tell from the cooking stains on the page, that the Chicken French Onion Casserole is at the top of our list.

I have adapted the casserole slightly (the original recipe calls for the jointing of a whole chicken).  If I am feeling particularly lazy I add some peeled and chopped potatoes, carrots and mushrooms and throw everything in the slow cooker in the morning so I have a one-dish meal for dinner, otherwise it is yummy served with fluffy white rice or mashed potatoes.  If you like the look of this one, click on the recipe below to bring it up in a new window.

Now, before we get on to the sweetness of dessert, what about the sweetness of this little one:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist… as I took pictures of the food… I just had to take some of her too – she’s too yummy… ok I’ll stop with the terrible puns, and get on with the recipes!

Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding

When Miss One and Miss Two saw that pictures were being taken, they insisted on being part of the photo shoot!

This is another old favourite.  From the same cookbook as the Chicken casserole and maybe easier to make and so So SO yummy!!  Especially if you have fresh cream and some vanilla bean ice-cream on hand to serve with it.  Click on the recipe below to view it in a separate window in a larger size.

I hope I’ve given you some tempting ideas to try out during this chilly days.  If you do try the recipes out, let me know what you think.  Do you have a favourite winter meal?  Let me know about it in the comments section below.


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