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Hello Adventurer… I had hoped to get this post to you a little earlier, but would you believe, we had a power cut last night (not easy with 3 littlies… but a bit of an adventure all the same!) after a pretty wild storm and so I’m running a bit behind.  Anyhow, here’s a few more details from Lola-Pop’s party! H xo

Beyond the obligatory balloons and streamers, there are so many little details to take into consideration when decorating for a child’s party.

I am a big fan of paper lanterns.  My parents lived in China for four years (finally returning home to us last July) and on the one trip we made to see them, I recall vividly the amazing paper lanterns available at many of the markets in China and Hong Kong.  I have been collecting them ever since.  We have a pretty good collection as displayed by Ava below (she’s recently decided that she’s my must-have photo prop! – expect to see A LOT more photos of her while the novelty lasts.)

They are so festive and, in my opinion, a very smart investment (yep, investment — because I will use them over and over and over again!)

The other element that I always think adds so much to the theme is the food… the serving dishes and tableware, as well as the stuff you get to eat.  But I’ll be going into more detail about that later, for now…

Some exciting DIY. . .

For Lola’s party, there were a couple of projects I had in mind that I thought would make the party decor special.

Cupcake Garland

This first project stems from my love of bunting and garlands in general… if I could I would have a bunting or garland for every occasion.  The idea of a cupcake garland for a party seemed perfect.

Using this tutorial from 100 Layer Cake as a starting point, I made a garland using the colours from the cover of Oh the Places You’ll Go to tie into the theme.  I used cupcake wrappers I had found at the supermarket, as well as some special ones from my favourite online party supplies store, Shop Sweet Lulu.  As you can see from the pictures below, it’s so easy, even a 3-year-old can make one!!

I see many more cupcake garlands in my future.

Washi Pegs and Banner

A quick confession.  I am thoroughly OBSESSED with washi tape.  My favourite places to get my hands on it?  Here and here.  For the party, I wanted a banner that read “Oh the Place’s You’ll Go Lola!” … I knew I would print letters onto card using the font we used for the invitations but I wanted something a bit different to hang the banner… I had seen some plain wooden pegs at a local $2 shop and thought that I would decorate the pegs using the same washi tape I had used on the invites.

Simple and effective, right?!  (And oh so easy!)  The pictures of the banner up aren’t great, but I think you get the idea.

Oh, and if you are wondering… that really cool hot air balloon drawing above the banner… my Dad drew and coloured that for me!  Pretty great, right!?

So, next on the list…the menu… I hope you’re not all partied out!  Only a couple more, I promise and then normal services will resume!!







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