{Celebrate} Lola’s Birthday

Hello Fellow Adventurer,

Today I am departing from my usual Enchanted post, as I have been knee-deep in two-year-old birthday celebrations for what feels like months, and now that it’s all over, I wanted to share with you some of the festivities.

We had such a fun day on Thursday.  It’s always super cool when the littlies grow big enough to get what’s going on.  It means all the fuss and the magical moments you work so hard to create are rewarded with recognition and delight and memories made.

Lola always ALWAYS always wakes up before we do.  However, given the excitement of my littlie turning two I was semi-conscious as she stirred and the very first thing I heard from her room as she woke up was “Happy Birthday to Me.” I giggled and my heart melted for the first of many times that day.

So what do you do on your second birthday?

First matter to tend to:


You should have seen the look on her face, as she discovered the trail of fairy dust leading to her pile of presents.  I was so proud of my biggest one too.  She was chuffed to pick a present out for her little sister and was so excited  to share Lola’s special day, ‘helping’ with important things like unwrapping presents, and happily giving the spotlight solely to Lola for the day.  Which is pretty hard to do when you are three.

After presents we headed to one of our favourite cafes, Blossoms, for breakfast.

What do you do for breakfast when you turn two?

It turns out you eat chocolate caramel slice and drink fluffies.  Then you head out the back of the cafe to check out the chickens.

Once we’d had our fill of sugary breakfast (or-not-so-breakfast) foods, we headed to the other side of town to Butterfly Creek.  We came here on Lola’s first birthday and discovered it’s a great place to go during the winter as they have both inside and outside attractions, so it’s not completely weather dependent.

Butterfly Creek…

They have the most gigantic crocodiles (shiver) and an aquarium section, as well as the butterfly exhibit, a farmyard, a huge playground and a mini-train… oh and a cafe… Needless to say, this kept us all entertained for several hours.

I love these photos of the girls waiting for the train to start.  A mixture of impatience and anticipation.

Oh, and Lola turning two meant that this one is exactly six months old.  Happy Half Birthday Miss Belle. (Is it just me, or could she be the most beautiful baby in the world!?)

Back at home…

When we got home, we had a couple more birthday traditions to cross off the list:

…And then the girls played with Lola’s new toys while I got the cake all ready to go.  It looks a bit crazy because I had to test all the piping bag nozzles to work out which I would use on the cupcakes I was making for the party.

Birthday dinner…

Lola’s grandparents joined us for birthday dinner.  Birthday girl’s choice meant we had pancakes for dinner.  Mmmm… it was good because Barry is the pancake chef in this family, so I got to sit back and watch while he churned out pancakes for 7 adults and 2 littlies… he even did the obligatory crowd pleaser by flipping the pancakes high in the air (cue much applause!)

How delighted was she?!   the answer is VERY!!!… We had to sing several rounds of Happy Birthday and she ‘hoorayed’ herself!  Ava lent a helping hand with all those candles.

As you can imagine the girls were exhausted after such a big day, I was too… but the celebrations didn’t end there… there were still many preparations to be made as on saturday we had the BIG birthday party, the one she missed out on last year, because of my morning sickness. We’ve decided that big second birthdays might be the way to go, because Lola was over-the-moon delighted with the fuss being made of her.  Something she just wouldn’t have understood at one.

The party…

The theme was one of our very favourite Dr Seuss books, Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Lola had a ball.  I didn’t see either of the big girls for most of the party, as they were having too much fun to hang out with their Mama!!  Here’s a few pictures of the party details.

I’ll be spending the next week showing you a few of the party preparations in a little more detail, as well as talking a bit about birthday traditions – sharing what we do in our family, and hopefully hearing from you about your own family traditions.






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  1. July 04, 2011 at 3:02 pm, Anita said:

    I love that cake you made for Thursday nights celebrations!!!


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