{Nourish} Family Birthday Cake

Of the many tools and tricks required for making Mama-life easier, a simpleand versatile cake recipe goes a long way to save sanity during birthday celebrations.  I wanted to share with you the one recipe that I have been using ever since Ava’s first birthday.  It’s my go-to birthday cake recipe… a White Chocolate Mud Cake from an old Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook I have.  I like it because it’s meant to be dense and moist so it’s easy to cut and mould into whatever shape you are going for.  It’s a simple recipe that’s hard to mess up.  Also, you can bake it up to a week in advance, so you’re able to make it early and leave plenty of time for all the other last-minute preparations on your list.

Here’s the cake in a few of the many variations it’s taken throughout the years in our household:

I’ve used buttercream frosting, white chocolate ganache, fondant icing and a cream cheese frosting on the cake… and they all work well and look pretty good.

Click on the recipe below to bring it up in a new window in a larger size.

Do you have a go-to cake recipe for birthdays and other family celebrations?  If so, I’d love for you to share the details with me in the comments section below.





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