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Christmas Sewing

In a parallel universe, where there exists a more organised version of myself… I was going to show you some of the sewing projects that’ve been keeping me busy this Christmas in a series of posts.  Of course, here in the real world, I am just not that organised… and so I thought I’d share with you a few quick pictures of what I’ve been up to, and maybe I can follow up with some more details once everything settles down.

Christmas T-shirts

Ever since Ava turned three, I’ve found it really hard to find nice Christmas-themed clothing for the girls to wear during December.  It may be naff but nothing warms my heart more than one of my girls wearing an “I love Santa” t-shirt on the first of December!  So, this year, I set about sewing the girls matching Christmas Tree t-shirts.  I found this cool idea on pinterest and modified it a little to suit my beginner sewing skills.  Basically I cut out a felt triangle and attached a variety of ribbons to the felt with pins; then sewed the felt and ribbons on to the t-shirt, and finished off with a star button.  Does that make sense?

I was pretty pleased with the result, although I had to bribe Ava with chocolate to wear hers… which might explain why they seem to stop making Christmas-themed clothes after the age of three!?

Christmas Dresses

We have a little Christmas tradition of giving the girls a special dress to wear on Christmas day.  This year I decided to make the dresses.  We gave them to the girls early this year so they could wear them to see Santa.  I was worried that since they are long-sleeved dresses it would be too hot for them to wear on Christmas day.  As it turns out, since Summer has decided not to arrive this year, they’ll be fine for Christmas day too.  I bought a digital pattern from the Mamastellato store on etsy (this was the Charlotte dress. Digital patterns are fab because you generally get a variety of sizes for the one price and you can use it over and over and over again! – especially if you have three girls!!!) and I used Heather Bailey fabric for each of the dresses.  I’m sorry the photo is pretty terrible.  I’ll try to get some better ones over Christmas, but I’m slowly learning it is almost impossible to get three children to smile for the camera at the same time!

Handmade Presents

I’ve made a couple of presents for the girls and their friends too.  A dress, a pair of shorts… and I probably had the most fun making a little skirt for a second birthday we went to a few weeks ago.  I tried my best to follow this pattern … although due to my lack of patience, I deviated slightly from the pattern several times.  I loved the strawberry fabric I picked out with the stripes, and thought it very festive – both summery and Christmasy – I’d like to make the girls some similar skirts once Christmas craziness is over.

I am still madly finishing a pair of pyjamas each for Ava and Lola (photos I promise once we get through Christmas!) and I am also doing away with wrapping paper this year and I’m sewing drawstring bags for presents… so best go get started… I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night!

We’ll be busy with family and friends over the coming days, and then we have Belle’s first birthday to prepare for on New Years Eve and then a week of camping down in the Coromandel, so I expect things to be quite quiet around here until mid-January.

This is a wonderful time to reflect on the year that’s been and I feel so grateful to have *met* so many lovely people with shared passions and dreams through this space.  It means a lot to me to have been able to get to know you and for all your support as I’ve been sharing my daily life, thoughts and big ideas!  I can’t wait for the New Year as I hope to grow this space to be something truly magical.

Wishing you and your families a most wonderful Christmas – full of joy and laughter and probably one too many mince pies!

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4 Responses to “{joy} 2 sleeps”

  1. December 24, 2011 at 7:19 am, MoMo said:

    Those dresses are so cute, I am in Utah and would not have to worry about long sleeves being too warm. Did you let them pick the fabric for their dresses? I think you are more than a “beginner” sewer that you labeled yourself in the Christmas shirt post which by the way is so cute you could sell them on etsy. I am a beginner . . . I can’t seem to get beyond jamming up the thread! How long did it take you to make each dress? Thanks for your blog, have a Merry Christmas!


    • January 30, 2012 at 3:39 pm, Hana said:

      Hi Momo,
      So sorry for the very belated reply. Thanks so much for your kind words! I picked the fabric out for the girls dresses myself. Although, since Christmas we’ve taken a trip to the fabric store and they’ve picked out some of their own (eek!) I’ll post some pictures once I finish the dresses!

      The dresses took me a couple of evenings to sew. I think if I had 4 hours straight (without any interruptions – so wishful thinking!) I’d probably be able to make it from start to finish!

      I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

      H xo


  2. December 25, 2011 at 1:25 am, Carolyn said:

    I read and never comment because, of course being the mother of you, a most wonderful woman, Hana, I would be commenting every post on how utterly amazing I think you are and what you are doing. However it is Christmas and as I’ve been seeing in some of the Christmas movies we’ve been watching, at Christmas you’ve got to tell the truth and the truth is that you are utterly amazing and I’m so proud of all that you’ve achieved this year with 3 littlies, getting stuck into your blog and continuing to develop that, tackling the skills in sewing, crafting… You are an inspiration to me and you continue to remind me, not so much in words (but in words too) but in what you do, your attitude to life… that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. You know I love you forever and always.


    • January 30, 2012 at 3:37 pm, Hana said:

      Oh Mama – thank you. I love you so much. xo


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