{Joy} Advent


Hello friend – and happy December!!

December is my absolute favourite month of the year – the beginning of really warm weather, Christmas and all the fun that it brings, plus long lazy days of Summer Holidays!

A quick update on my kohlrabi dilemma – Manda, a vendor at the farmers market we go to (and who sells the yummiest bacon, ham and sausages!) kindly emailed me a very simple recipe which I tried and we all LOVED it!  Today we picked up our veges and I am excited to cook the kohlrabi as soon as possible!  I’ve been a little slow editing my photos lately, but hopefully will follow up with a recipe and pictures very soon!

So… I am madly working on those changes I talked about in this post behind the scenes, and thought that it might be fun to bring you a little more Christmas inspiration from Pinterest.  As it is the first of December, I thought a round-up of very creative Advent Calendars would be appropriate.  (A quick confession: I have been working on a family advent calendar since Ava was one… and I’m still yet to finish it… it involves a lot of beading, and is often one of those projects that gets tucked away as soon as Christmas is over as I think that I have a WHOLE year to work on it… anyway, instead, today I bought the girls a chocolate Advent calendar each from the shops *guilty sigh* and hold out hope that I get our crafty one finished by next Christmas.)

Tomorrow, Barry’s taking the day off and we are taking the girls to Smith & Caughey’s to get a photo with Santa (fingers crossed we don’t have tears this year!) … I’m super-dooper excited because the window displays have a Fancy Nancy theme – which is one of Ava and Lola’s favourite book series.  I haven’t told them, as I am so looking forward to the look on their faces!!
Wishing you a very happy weekend… oh… and it’s 24 sleeps now!
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2 Responses to “{Joy} Advent”

  1. December 02, 2011 at 1:32 pm, Elizabeth Rago said:

    It is so lovely to see someone else refers to days in sleeps! :) I really love the suitcase idea, in fact, all of these are fun! Are you going to do a post about holiday traditions in your family?


    • December 03, 2011 at 1:27 am, Hana said:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      The suitcase idea is super-cute, right?! Kind of like a seasonal treasure chest! The girls are really into pirates at the moment, so that would be fitting!

      I will definitely be posting about our various Christmas traditions – hopefully I’ll get my act together next week and put a couple of posts together. I can hardly believe it’s December… so much to look forward to over the next few weeks – it always goes too fast though!

      H xo


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