Hello again


Reluctantly saying goodbye to the festive season

Hello friend,

I am happy to be back after a relaxing blogging break, and feel super-excited about what 2012 has in store!

Although Summer is MIA (oh, how I *wish* I was exaggerating!) we did have a fantastic camping trip – the girls didn’t want to come home!  And we’ve spent many lovely days at home enjoying each other’s company.

Next week I am so excited to start Your Darling Blog, an online workshop run by Jo Kilma of the Darling Tree  She also has a beautiful personal blog, August Empress.  I absolutely LOVE Jo’s aesthetic, and am so looking forward to redesigning this space drawing on all of Jo’s expertise.

I have also spent this downtime planning a few bits and pieces, making goals and building castles in the sky!  Lola will be starting kindy in the middle of the year, and Ava will be five and off to school in October, so I’m hoping that I’ll have a little more time to devote to A Happy Adventure and some of my other loves.  I have a grand feeling about 2012!!

I hope that you have had a joy-filled festive season.  Id love to know what you’re looking forward to most about 2012, if you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below.  Wishing you a week filled with lovely adventures.


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