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I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend… I’m hoping to use the extra time that Waitangi Day has given us to catch up on a few DIY projects we’ve been working on around the house.  Last week Barry knocked down a wall besides the girls playroom to open up a space we had been using purely for storage since we moved in (2 1/2 years ago – oh dear!).  I am hoping that very soon I might have a dedicated space where I can craft and blog and pursue my many dreams without driving everyone else mad with my clutter!

I really enjoy compiling this {enchanted} series in which I share with you inspiring links I find from around the web… This year I’d like to intersperse those lovely link posts with posts dedicated to a favourite blog, resource, product or company.

Alphabet Glue

Alphabet Glue is a bi-monthly e-magazine that I always look forward to delving into.  Annie (who blogs at Bird and Little Bird) is the amazing creator of the publication and she has just released Volume Five.  Each and every volume is chock-full of “activities and inspiration for kids who love books (and their grown-ups too)“.

As a HUGE book lover… (and a Mama passionate about passing on that passion!) this is definitely the e-mag for me!  Annie includes comprehensive book lists for the season (a separate picture book and chapter book list); additional reading lists tailored to the content of the specific volume; and many activities to encourage creative writing, storytelling and a real passion for reading!!

Alphabet Glue Volume Five includes templates for making mini-mailboxes (my girls love all things related to snail mail! – don’t all kiddies!?) as well as envelopes and cards.  There are several creative writing prompts, a huge section on bookmaking, and a special activity inspired by  the book The Pink Refrigerator.

Creativity Crayons

Although Lola and Belle are too small for many of the activities in Alphabet Glue, there are a good number that Ava and I can do together – she is so interested in reading and writing at the moment, and has always loved reading and art – I see many afternoons pouring over Alphabet Glue in our future.

Over the weekend, we decided to try an activity from Alphabet Glue – Creativity Crayons seemed to be one that would fuel her current passion for drawing… so we got out our supplies and set to work!

After printing the labels from our mag, we cut them out and taped them to individual crayons.  Each crayon then had a creative prompt for some imaginative drawing.

Ava’s prompt was to draw a map of her favourite place.  She drew a fantastic picture of the playground at our local park – complete with swings, slide and monkey bars!

I thought it was such a great idea – and perfect for those times when the littles declare they are bored and have no idea what to do!  Prompts for drawing, for imagination, for story-telling – fantastic!

So, if you are passionate about reading and literacy, and looking for a fun and engaging resource, I really recommend you head over to Annie’s Blog and take a look at Alphabet Glue!


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