Rainbow Bingo

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On the long trip up North, I was desperate for some ideas to keep the girls busy without making us all crazy.  I don’t think six hours in a car is anyone’s idea of a great time.  We packed heaps of books, I uploaded a few of my audiobooks on to my ipod to play on the car stereo… and then the night before we left I was browsing for something to do for myself and wound up on https://www.boomtownbingo.com/ and I got an idea, I got out my trusty laminator and quickly whipped up a little bingo game in photoshop that Lola and Ava could (and hopefully would) play over and over again during the trip.

(If you click on this link it’ll take you to a new window and you can print off your own copy of Rainbow Bingo – if you have a laminator or know someone with one, I highly recommend using it – as it means you can use the same copy again and again!)

Lola got bored with the game aspect pretty quick, but she happily doodled for some time and then just as enthusiastically cleaned it up with a wipe and started again.  The game was a real hit with Ava though – and we played several rounds – first just spotting anything that matched the colour, and then later to really challenge her she was only allowed to cross the colour if she spotted a matching car.

On the way home I drove Barry mad with other travel Bingo ideas – road signs, types of vehicles (airplanes, trucks, motorbikes), letters and numbers … oh the possibilities!!

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