{Our Month} May 2012

Hello Friend,

Many of my favourite bloggers make a habit of posting pictures of their everyday life on a regular basis.  I think perhaps the most famous for this is Amanda Soule (of SouleMama) who has started quite the trend of ‘This Moment‘ Posts – a weekly tradition of posting one photo without any narrative.  Another of my favourites, Kelle Hampton does a ‘Friday Photo Dump’.  I really like having a chance to see what I think of as a less-scripted look into these bloggers’ lives.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to use it as a record for my family’s story… and so I am going to start today.  On the last day of each month (*hopefully – fingers crossed*)  I’ll be posting a little montage of my favourite photos of our month.

I know some people who make amazing scrapbooks to keep their family memories; others are fantastic and get photos printed and display them in frames, putting the rest in beautiful albums… for now (until I am a little more organised!) this will be one of our methods of memory-keeping.  Tell me, how do you record the narrative of your family life??

Oh… and a little explaining for those photos – because I have never been able to post a photo without a story!

(Clockwise from top)

  • A beautiful sunset that turned everything pink earlier this week.
  • You wouldn’t believe that I was trying to get a nice family photo in this shot – it looks as though family portraits will not work until the kids are all in their teens!
  • Lola’s photo of Belle at MOTAT.
  • Nana storytime – with Belle’s favourite book of the moment, A Lion in the Meadow
  • Lola in the Victorian Village at MOTAT.




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2 Responses to “{Our Month} May 2012”

  1. May 31, 2012 at 11:22 pm, elizabeth rago said:

    This is a fantastic idea! The kids are so sweet…I have a hard time finding the time to display my photos, so last month I promised myself to actually PRINT them and find fun frames. (or swap old pics for new ones) I really want to start a gallery of the kids progressing in years at school… Great post!


  2. June 28, 2012 at 7:56 pm, Hana said:

    Elizabeth – you’re steps ahead of me!!! I haven’t even printed out a photo of Belle yet and she’s 18 months old!! Oh dear. Love the idea of a gallery of school years – hopefully by then I’ll be organised enough!!

    H xo


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