Almost a Year

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Hello Friend!

On Wednesday, I will have been blogging for one whole year!! I can hardly believe it!  Time has this funny way of both flying by, and standing still, all at the same time!

Forgive me now, while I rant a while about all sorts of semi-related things…

Remember back a few months ago when I wrote this post.  Frankly, a little worn out and lost – but with a renewed energy for embracing my life as it is – not constantly looking toward the future.  Since then, I have realised that blogging is still a cherished creative outlet for me (as long as I’m not putting unnecessary pressure on myself!).  I enjoy sharing my thoughts, connecting with kindred spirits and building (albeit slowly) what I hope will one day be a great resource for other parents who are seeking fulfilling family life and magical moments with their children.

I’ve discovered the key is in making sure my blogging is helping me in my daily life and not an added obligation.  What does that mean?  I’ve been very careful lately to blog about things that are part of my everyday life – sources of inspiration or methods of memory keeping, or problem solvers – my blog is a tool I can use for all that.  For example, I have a huge series of posts planned around the fact that I am the world’s worst housekeeper – and I need to find a way to get over it because it is driving me insane – so I’m going to blog once a week about my on-going experiment to get more organised (and hopefully more clean and tidy).  Hopefully I’ll learn something new (and get tidier!) and maybe you will too!!

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about how blogging is a misrepresentation of ‘real life’ – that people are putting so much pressure on others to be superwoman – to be the perfect family, to have it all.  People are suggesting that blogging incites the worst cases of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’.

And while I do understand what they are saying to a certain extent, I don’t really believe it.  Frankly, I see the blogworld as a sanctuary – a place I go to for inspiration.  I don’t think that it would be the same if people were posting pictures of the way their kitchen looked straight after breakfast, or the horror show that is 5’o’clock in any normal household!!  Omission isn’t deceit in this case.  I think we all know that no one’s life is picture perfect.

For me, I have always felt as though this space, these thoughts and parts of my life I share with you – they are the moments I want to remember.  Sure, I have moments where I wonder what on earth I’m doing.  I have moments of frustration, sadness, anger, anxiety, melancholy – you name it – but I don’t want to dwell on them – they are not parts of my life I want to spend any more energy on than I have to.  Does that make sense?  What do you think, are you the same – or would you rather see a more balanced picture of a blogger’s life??

When I first started blogging, I had an idea of how this space would be a great mish-mash of all my interests.  One of the biggest revelations for me after blogging over the year, is that I don’t really want to blog about everything under the sun.  Spending the year writing and thinking about writing has allowed me the necessary introspection to know now what I am truly passionate about.

(I know how corny what I am about to write sounds… but I’m gonna go ahead and write it anyway!) I feel like I’ve found my mission.  A way that I want to live my life.  And I want to share my ideas and experiences here to document that mission.  I think I have said before that when I became a Mama, it was like my eyes opened and I saw the world anew (corny – I told you!) – and I found this amazing creative energy – energy and creativity and curiosity that had been lost to me for a long time…

There is something so magical about spending time with a little soul.  Watching their pure and natural curiosity for the world – because it is amazing.  There is no other feeling like delighting a child – watching their eyes get bigger and listening to their happiness.  The opportunity to build a strong family – to create a childhood full of magical moments for my girls… to spend time teaching them all about this amazing world we live in – and teaching them that the world is literally at their feet – that is my mission… and if I can share my experiences here and I can inspire just one other Mama to live a life full of magical moments, well, that will be amazing too!

There are a few things that I am excited about sharing with you sometime soon (meaning anything from a month to several years in the ‘near’ future!). I would like to start making some videos – the girls and I spend much of our time in the kitchen together – and so my first attempt at video is going to be a ‘Little Kitchen’ series featuring recipes specifically for big and little hands to make together!  I am going to have a go at writing my own A Happy Adventure manifesto (you either love ’em or hate ’em – I love them!) to really nail down what my mission is and hopefully find a few souls that it resonates with…and I’ve even been working on another redesign (there’s a little sneak peak below!!)…

So, I guess what I am saying is thank you friends for being on this journey with me and bearing with me while I find my voice and my path.  Thank you especially if you managed to get to the bottom of this post and read all of that very long rant!  So here’s to a year of blogging down (this could be the longest creative endeavour I’ve ever stuck with!) and to many adventures to come!!

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4 Responses to “Almost a Year”

  1. June 03, 2012 at 8:32 pm, Julie said:

    Love this post! Its so nice to see pretty blogs and get inspired but its better to be able to relate to the blogger it takes the inspiration to another level!


  2. June 04, 2012 at 2:13 pm, elizabeth rago said:

    I love the idea of a “Little Kitchen” series! So much fun! This was an excellent essay, Hana. I am really loving the new design and cannot wait for the manifesto! Just take a deep breath and do not rush through these ideas. The key to finding your voice is to go with the good/not so good tension, not resist it! I am so happy I found you! :)


  3. June 04, 2012 at 2:15 pm, Jennifer Carroll said:

    Hi Hana! I meant to comment as soon as I read this but I got distracted – you know how it is when you’re a mommy! Anyway, I just LOVED this post! I was also surprised (pleasantly so!) because I feel the same way so often! It was like I was reading a page from my own journal. I too am trying to keep my blog more about “my” life in an effort to not have this blog adventure “run me ragged”. But it can be a struggle to balance it all at times. I want to create magical moments for my little one because this is that golden moment in her life when everything is filled with magic and promise. I want to suspend this moment for as long as possible. Tough to do at times – but a worthy goal none-the-less. You are very inspiring to me and I’m so honored to be on this blog journey with you! Hugs and I hope you have a brilliant vacation this week! Enjoy being ‘un-plugged’ and fully in the moment with your littles! Hugs from the other hemisphere!! ~ Jennifer


  4. June 28, 2012 at 8:41 pm, Hana said:

    Julie – thank you. And I agree that I love it when my favourite bloggers let me in a little to their personal life. It’s always inspiring when you know that someone you admire is or has been through similar struggles and experiences as you.

    Elizabeth & Jennifer – one of my favourite parts of starting this blog has been the friendships I’ve made with women like you. You are both an inspiration to me and I’m so happy to have found kindred spirits half a world away to share this journey with!

    H xo


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