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This is the beginning of a little collection of posts I hope to add to on a regular basis.  One of the things that I’ve realised since beginning this blog is that I am super-passionate about finding ways for families to make magic – to connect and find fulfillment.  And we can do that in so many different ways.  

There are those things that you do for your littles – those things that you spend  weeks planning and execute with military precision to create a memory that your children will talk about for the rest of their lives… and then there are those little moments of intentional connection – those moments that may not be exceptional in themselves, but repeated over the course of a childhood, will leave you with children who just ‘know’ they are loved… 

Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes | Bakerella

Hello Friend!

For our family, breakfast during the week is a rushed chaotic affair – honestly, I’m lucky if we manage to get out of the door 15 minutes late!!  The weekend however, is a different story.  Especially sundays.  We’re able to spend a bit more time enjoying the morning, each other and making breakfast a bit more special.  We celebrate this family time with ‘Pancake Sundays’ … it’s nothing more than having the same breakfast (one that we all enjoy) each sunday – and sitting down and enjoying it together.

Here’s my suggestion for you: pick a meal-time during the week when your family has the time to enjoy a meal together on a regular basis, then pick a favourite food – something you all enjoy and are happy to eat on a weekly basis.  Now build  but a ritual around this – a time everyone in the family looks forward to coming together.  You could do pancake sunday like us, Mexican Monday or even ‘Cheese on Toast Saturday’.  Before we had kids, Barry and I used to celebrate ‘Prawn wrap tuesday!’.  If you do something often enough, it becomes part of your family’s story.

Tell me, do you have a special family mealtime like this that you all enjoy?  If you don’t, does it sound like something that you would like to start doing together?

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