Our Winter Holiday

(I LOVE this set of photos… Ava is going through this hilarious stage – whenever you point a camera in her direction she acts like she is in the middle of an air guitar competition – I don’t know where it came from – but I love it!!!)

Hello Friend!

I hope you’ve had a great week!  Our holiday in Coromandel town was a mixed bag.  The week started off really well – the weather was lovely – we had a nice relaxing day for Barry’s birthday.  We spent a morning at Driving Creek Railway (super-cool!) Drove the world famous (in New Zealand) 309 Highway from Coromandel Town to Whitianga – got to see a heap of wild pigs and visited The Waterworks (a bizarre (but fun/interactive/interesting!) little theme park that is the epitome of kiwi ingenuity!!!

Midweek, I woke with a hideously sore throat.  Stupidly I refused to go to the doctor (it was going to cost $70 because I was an unregistered patient!) and of course it just got worse… so I spent the rest of the holiday in bed and dosed up with whatever pain relief I could get from the pharmacy.  On the way home we stopped at the after hours doctor in Auckland – and I ended up paying $65 anyway!  I spent the weekend in bed too, but I’m happy to report I’m feeling much better today!

Of course, it was still a real treat for the five of us to spend some quality time together and make many memories… I did manage to take a truckload of photos too… first installment here!!

(Miss Lola loved that train… that pic is of her just before the train left the station – talk about excited anticipation!)

(Kids + water = too much fun!)

(A beautiful beach and monkey bars! – what more do you need?!)

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