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(Amazing Crafty Suitcase by Megan of Mousehouse)

Hello friend!

Did you have a fantastic weekend?  Ours was a mixed bag. Fun stuff: we spent saturday night celebrating a milestone birthday with family, and then on sunday morning I took the two big girls for a treat they had been looking forward to all week: a trip to the movies with their Nana and I to see Ice Age 4.  It was Lola’s first time at the movies and she was very excited and I think a little surprised by the whole experience.  A good movie for the whole family really: not too scary, and a nice mix of humour for both the little ones and adults.

On the negative side, poor Miss Belle was up for most of the night Saturday and then again last night with a tummy bug or something.  I’m not sure what it is, as during the day she seems fine, and then as soon as it gets to about 10pm she just starts throwing up everywhere.  I think we’ve gone through every clean towel in the house… I’ll be keeping a close eye on her today, but hopefully it’s just a 48 hour bug.  (Fingers crossed!)

I’m excited about this week’s list of Lovely Links – I had a huge amount of links collected and it was really tough deciding what to include, so think of this as the cream of the crop!

Oooh… and before I get started I just wanted to mention a little piece of exciting news for me… my friend Jennifer featured A Happy Adventure in her latest series {Blogs I Love} … you can check out the post here.

Thoughtful posts

  •  All my life I’ve been a near obsessive list-maker (she says in the midst of yet another list!) and so this idea of making Life Lists is hugely appealing to me. (Laura Grace Weldon)
  • 10 questions to ask yourself to discover your family’s heartbeat (Simple Homeschool)
  • Another list – 100 things I want to teach my daughter.  I’m inspired to start my own!!  What would you have on yours?  (Lisa-Jo Baker)
  • How to decide what to do.  And what not to do.  Advice and thoughts on life’s balancing act (Power of Moms)
  • Too much information.  How do you filter all the information that is available to you – and how do you decide what is important and what can be let go.  Hayley talks about being a digital hoarder…about sometimes having 40 tabs open on her web browser.  Maybe we should start a support group – sometimes I open so many it makes my browser crash – yep I definitely have a problem with this one! (Tiny Twig)

Craft and activity ideas for the littles

  • Super awesome: secret agent scavenger hunt… I seriously wish someone would make one of these for me! (Design Dazzle)
  • I know that the holidays are over, but this is such a cool idea… surprise envelopes for holiday fun (Lotta Magazine Blog)
  • Themed walks to explore with children (Playful Learning)
  • I love the idea of creating a seasonal window display with your littles.  This hot air balloon theme is magical! (Inner Child Fun)
  • When your children are at a loose end, wouldn’t you love to be able to pull out a pre-organised activity that will keep them excited and engaged?  This Magic Bucket idea is pretty awesome! (Simple Kids)

In the kitchen

Crafty Mama

  • Little Free Libraries: A super cool idea, and something I’d definitely love to participate in – although living in the middle of nowhere may prove slightly problematic! (Jessica Swift)
  • The amazing Megan has done it again, with this gorgeous crafty suitcase tutorial.  I plan to make one of these for each of the girls for Christmas.  (Mousehouse pictured at the top of the post)
  • Love this: A guide to taking better family photos – who knew saying cheese was a bad thing?!  (Classic Play)
  • Simple ideas for displaying photos in your children’s rooms (Simple Design)
  • The latest interview in Design Mom’s Living with Kids Series features a kiwi home (Janette Maclean on Design Mom)

Wishing you a lovely week, full of happy adventures!

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