{Little Moment} Hand-me-downs

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My parents have been packing up a lot of their stuff for their move to China next month. *gasp – how can it be that soon!?*  In the process of moving stuff around, my Mum found a whole box of my old clothes.  Things that she had made for me when I was little, or that I had inherited from my older cousins.

After a good wash (they had been in storage a LONG time), she showed the girls all the treasures.  Honestly, Belle and Lola could have cared less – but Ava – she went mad over it all!!  Last Friday Ava had her kindy disco (seriously one of the cutest things you can imagine!) and she insisted on wearing a dress that was mine about 25 years ago!!)

It’s lovely to see her enjoy my old things so much – and brings back quite a few memories of my own childhood.  Mum always used to make me a new dress from Christmas – and it was one of the presents I looked forward to the most.  I also loved all the hand-me-downs I was given from my older (and very cool!) cousins – I think it made me feel a wee bit more grown up.

As Belle outgrows each of the baby sizes, I have managed (with a few tears!) to give away a lot of our baby clothes, but I do have a couple of box of those outfits that I just couldn’t bare to part with.  I plan on using some items to make memory quilts for each of the girls… but there will also be a few that maybe my own grandchildren will get to wear one day.

As your little ones grow, what do you do with their old clothes?  Are your little ones wearing any of your old clothes, or hand-me-downs from other family members?  I’d love for you to share in the comments section below.


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