{Make} cushions – a different keepsake for little art

Hello friend,

We are all recovering from that awful tummy bug I mentioned Belle had on monday  It spread surely (and quite quickly) through Lola, Ava, Barry and finally me!!  We’ve spent the last few days tucked up inside feeling pretty sorry for ourselves… although we’re definitely on the improve now.

So, today I thought it would be a good idea to show you a little project the girls and I were working on last month.

The girls are prolific with their artwork.  I am terrible at knowing what to do with it all.  Currently we have it stacked in archive boxes in our spare room which tower almost as tall as I am.  I know I have a problem… and I am working on it!

I have found one solution though – (on second thoughts not really a solution, as it is pretty time-intensive) – something for those really special pieces of art that you want to see everyday… or maybe that you want to give away as a heartmade gift: the art-inspired cushion.

For these two cushions, I took a drawing from the stash and cut around the outline to create my pattern.  We then took a trip to the local fabric store, and each of the girls chose a cotton print and a polar fleece to use as the base of their cushion.  I made the cushions out of a 40 x 40cm square from each fabric – the cotton side would be the canvas for the artwork, the polar fleece would be a lovely soft surface for the girls to cuddle.

Part of the learning process for me, was letting the girls have the freedom to pick fabric as they pleased.  It was so hard to resist the urge to gently guide the girls in a particular direction, but I’m proud to report, I did manage it and I think they turned out wonderfully!  They also chose the coloured felt, and the beads and buttons we used to accent the art.

I attached the felt to the cotton fabric with some double-sided fusing and then edged everything with embroidery thread using a blanket stitch.  Ava’s picture was a princess, and Lola’s was a ‘funny face’, so both needed eyes and smiles, the girls picked buttons and beads and I stitched those on too.

After I had finished all the embroidery on the artwork, I was able to finish off the cushions.  I pinned right sides together, and sewed all the sides, leaving a 10cm gap at the bottom of the cushion.  After turning the cushion inside-out, I ironed the seam in, stuffed it and finished off by hand-stitching the gap.

This was a really fun project to make with the girls – it was fun to do something that we were really able to work on together – the sort of thing that I really look forward to the older they get.

Tell me, do you have any ways of immortalising your little ones’ artwork?  Or any way of minimising the stash??


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2 Responses to “{Make} cushions – a different keepsake for little art”

  1. July 19, 2012 at 9:10 pm, Lesley Webb said:

    I have some of those (very cheap!) glass “clip-frames” – they are A4 size and when the kids do something particularly lovely I put them in the clip frames – which are up on the wall near their drawing table. We all get to enjoy the best ones this way, and behind glass, they look very special indeed. I think it helps them to select their best work, and let the rest go (not right away, it always has to be stored and then later removed by me!) I also made a new book bag for Carly with one of her drawings appliqued on the front – have just blogged about it.


    • August 02, 2012 at 8:49 pm, Hana said:

      Ooh that is a good idea Lesley – I bet the real frames make the kids feel real special!! Will have to pick some up next time I’m running errands – thanks for sharing the book bag too – super-awesome!!

      H xo


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