{inspire} a great many things

This brings me to one of my favourite movie quotes. Little Women. Here we go: Jo March: I find it poor logic to say that because women are good, women should vote. Men do not vote because they are good; they vote because they are male, and women should vote, not because we are angels and men are animals, but because we are human beings and citizens of this country. Mr Mayer: You should have been a lawyer, Miss March. Jo March: I should have been a great many things, Mr Mayer. I should have been a great many things. I know I’ve used it before. In fact, I drop that line into conversation about once a week. Like when my sister tells me she wears a scarf with a Grateful Dead t-shirt to a film feast on Thursday night and shows up to work the next morning in a pencil skirt and crisp white button-down. “Because you’re a great many things,” I say. Savvy Go-getter by day, Groovy Art Girl by night. I think about this a lot. For some reason, I feel at times that I need to fit in to a definitive box of what kind of person I am – what kind of mom, friend, wife, writer, home decorator, clothes-wearer, photographer I am. As if I have to choose only one.
– Kelle Hampton, Enjoying the Small Things

Drop Cap by the amazing Jessica Hische at Daily Drop Cap.

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  1. August 22, 2012 at 1:09 am, Carolyn said:

    You inspire me everyday my darling daughter. Love you forever and always. Mum


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