{Little Whisk} Pizza Recipe & Shopping List

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Holy Guacamole!  I am so super-excited to introduce this new feature on the blog:  Little Whisk.  It’s a series that I’ve been dreaming up for a REALLY LONG TIME… and my break last month put me in the right head space to actually get it started!!  

Every tuesday I’ll be posting on the topic – and there’ll be a selection of posts: from family dinner recipes, fun videos, shopping lists & recipes especially for the littles, and all sorts of resources that I come across to help make cooking and eating a real adventure for your family.

Cooking for and nourishing those around me has always been one of the huge loves of my life.  As a Mama, nourishing the family is a significant part of our day-to-day lives – and I really believe that by including our children in the process it is an amazing chance for us to connect as a family and also to teach some valuable skills.  I do hope that this series will bring you some inspiration and practical help to get in the kitchen with your little ones!

Today, I bring you one of my family’s hands-down favourite meals – home made pizza.  It’s a meal that is fun to prepare and one that everyone loves to eat.  Once you get a hang of making the pizza dough, you can add any sort of topping you like – the possibilities are endless!

I’ve designed the shopping list and recipe so that your pre-readers can help you find all the necessary ingredients.

You can download a printable version here: Little Whisk Pizza Shopping List & Recipe

I hope you and your littles have heaps of fun making pizza with this recipe… and if you have any special toppings your family just adores on pizza – please share in the comments section below.

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