Lovely Links September 10, 2012

Hello friend,

How was your weekend?  Man, the weather in Auckland has been crazy – we’ve had sunshine, hail, thunder and ridiculous wind too.  We had hoped to get out for a nice long walk yesterday but the weather was so unpredictable and the girls are all a little bit sniffly, so I didn’t want to risk it.  Instead, after we got home from the Farmers Market yesterday we snuggled together on the couch and watched Mary Poppins!

I had hoped to unveil the brand new design for the site today, but unfortunately my lack of technical skills has once again put a spanner in the works, and I am waiting to get a little help with the implementation.  Sigh.  So maybe, if all things go well – next week will be the week!!

Still there are some fun things to look forward to.  I hope you enjoyed reading all about Jen and her family in the inaugural Magical Days interview last week – I can’t wait to share more from inspirational families as the weeks go by.

Tomorrow I am introducing a brand new feature, Little Whisk, in which I will be able to write about one of my favourite topics on a regular basis: families in the kitchen.  We’ll have recipes & shopping lists, videos, and all sorts of kitchen adventures!

Then on Thursday the final new feature that has come to fruition thanks to my August break: Little World – eek – I’m going to keep quiet on that one, but let me just say I’m SUPER EXCITED about it!!!

Lovely Links

  1. Ava has shown a real interest in reading over the last six months.  To be honest, I don’t even know where to begin so we have just been getting early readers from the library and reading them together.  This idea for a sight word practice box is super-awesome and sure to help things along! (Boy Mama Teacher Mama)
  2. A theme is developing… 7 great tips for creating a love of reading in your children (Simple Mom)
  3. This list had me cracking up! 100 ways you know you’re a Mum! (Lisa-Jo Baker)
  4. I always find the ways other people set up their family homes fascinating – a creative, inspiring and functional home is a wonderful thing (and something I aspire to!).  This interview is jam-packed full of useful information and inspiration.  (Tinkerlab)
  5. This DIY Mini Cardboard House tutorial is super cool – and a great one to make for travelling, because the houses are collapsable! (Ambrosia girl for Hello Bee via All for the Boys)
  6. I’m pretty sure I’ve posted that I’d like to make one of these before… but here is another link to a calm down jar DIY – I really like this idea – and now MUST get it together and make one (or three)! (Family Sponge)
  7. This hilarious post makes me want to invite these two over for dinner (if we didn’t live in different countries and it didn’t make me sound ever-so stalker-y!!) (Dinner, A Love Story)
  8. A huge selection of delicious sounding recipes for the week (Going Home to Roost)
  9. Wondering where I could use this gorgeous wall decal (Shanna Murray)
  10. Love this idea to write a family newspaper (Playful Learning)

If you want to check out all the lovely links for September, you can head to my Pinterest Board below:

And one last thing before you go… if you missed my post on the weekend, I’m running a very special giveaway as part of the ‘Pay it Forward’ fun that seems to be sweeping the blogosphere!  Please check it out, and if you’re interested in spreading the joy, leave a comment – I can’t wait to send out some lovely packages to three special readers!

Wishing you a happy week, full of lovely adventures.

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