Lovely Links September 24, 2012

Hello Friend,

The week ahead is a little bittersweet for me.  You see, this is Ava’s last week at kindy.  Next week we have two weeks of holiday, and then Ava will start at school on the first day of term four.

She is so ready for school – she is just itching to be there and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  But at the same time it is such a momentous point for us as a family – our first daughter off to school.  I know it just means we are entering a new season – and there are so many things for us to look forward to, but part of me is also mourning the stage we are leaving.

Before becoming a Mama I always thought of how I looked forward to interacting with my children as they grew older.  I had never really been around a lot of pre-schoolers, and I didn’t realise what a magical time it was.  But oh man, how I have loved these last few years… and it makes me a little sad and wistful to reflect on how quickly the last five years has whizzed past!

Still, I know there are many things to look forward to… and I will be trying to focus on that!!

Now.  The last lovely links for September:

  1. A blog series to watch… Truth or Dare (Armommy)
  2. Five great apps to use with instagram (Ruffles & Stuff)
  3. Funny stories and great tips for travelling with kids – and some great stuff going on in the comments section too! (Classic Play)
  4. My friend Suzie made some amazing ice cream cookies for our kindy gala this weekend, she included a great tutorial on her blog (Little Ink)
  5. Desperately need an excuse to get these very cool animal paper balloons (Larkmade)
  6. Dinner inspiration: 10 yummy skillet dinners (Dinner: a love story)
  7. Mariah of Playful Learning suggests some great activities for early readers (Simple Kids)
  8. More tent inspiration for one of my Spring Bucket List must-dos! (Going Home to Roost)
  9. Suffer for 15 minutes – a new idea I’m going to try (Steady Mom)
  10. Love this: Alphabet Shadow Box tutorial (Apartment Therapy)

Don’t forget to check out all of September’s lovely links on the dedicated Pinterest board:

Wishing you a lovely week ahead – full of happy adventures!

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