Lovely Links, September 3, 2012

Hello Friend!

How are you!? How lovely it is to be back! I spent August busily fitting in as much family time as possible during the first half of the month, and the second half avoiding the depths of despair (anyone an Anne of Green Gables fan??) by planning a few new things for A Happy Adventure that I have been toying with for a while!!!

I was hoping to make my first post for September extra-special with a brand new blog design planned (thinking it would be implemented by now) but unfortunately the coders will have it for just a little bit longer, and so we will have to wait – something to look forward to though, right?!

I have some wonderful links to share with you today. And a couple of changes to the lovely links series. Firstly, I have decided that I am going to try to control my insane urge to link to a million different things each monday and limit myself to just 10 amazing links.

Secondly, each month I am going to create a pinterest board specifically for all of the lovely links that make it on to these posts (and possibly a few extra that I just can’t resist!) so that we can all find them easily without having to scour the archives looking for that *one* link (“I knew I put it around here somewhere…”)

And now, after a month of resisting the urge to link…

Lovely Links

  1. Loving this ‘A Kid’s Life’ series by Jillian in Italy.  The latest interview is with Jen of The Brother’s Trimm from Tasmania, and you can find interviews with families from Italy, Japan, The United States and the Philippines in the archives.
  2. This is a super-cute DIY — make a bike helmet for your doll. (The Knutsel Kid via Classic Play)
  3. Cooking for the kids lately has been killing me.  They are SO FUSSY!!!  Lunchtime has been particularly perplexing – I am always looking for new and fun ideas and this post seems to have heaps of cool ideas that should see me through the next few weeks.  (Planning for Kids)
  4. Tooth fairy traditions are awesome!  This little DIY tooth fairy note kit is gorgeous. (Handmade Charlotte)
  5. A cute DIY gift – ABC cookie gift bag. (Design Mom)
  6. MJ shares some of her wonderful ideas for celebrating siblings – LOVE! (Pars Caeli)
  7. This DIY first-aid kit is such a great idea – perfect for every Mama’s handbag!! (Hello Bee)
  8. I’ll be making these next time we have a party… DIY ice-bucket (One Charming Party)
  9. Love this first day of school tradition (Pancakes and French Fries)
  10. Before my parents left for China, they gave each of the girls a letter writing kit filled with writing paper, envelopes, stickers and pens… a couple of furious letter-writing weeks later, their supplies are dwindling and this post on a custom letter writing kit is perfect for some inspiration for restocking!! (Playful Learning)

You can find the September Lovely Links pinterest board here:

I’ve got a couple more new and exciting things planned over the next couple of weeks – and I just can’t wait – my lips are sealed for now… all I can say is Watch This Space!!!

Wishing you a lovely week, full of happy adventures!




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