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Hello friend!

March always takes me by surprise.  I think I spend the first couple of months of the new year enjoying summer, getting back into the swing of things, and basking in that feeling of freshness and the air of possibility.  And then I turn over a page in the calendar and March is suddenly there taunting me.

While I’m still getting a grip on 2013, here is March, telling me we’re a quarter down already!  Aargh?!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like this… eeep.

Anyway, I may be the only one, but I am still feeling the promise of a new year.  2013 marks the first full year of school for Ava.  Lola will be starting school next year… And 2013 will be my last year with Bellie-Boo at home with me before she starts kindy next year.  Sigh.  So soaking up all this lovely sweet girl time while they still think their Mama is pretty groovy is at the top of my list – ha!

At the beginning of the year Barry and I also discussed having regular date nights.  I definitely agree with the notion that regular couple time is a good thing… That said, we haven’t quite seen the plan through yet…  Do you have regular date nights?  Hopefully by this time next year I will be able to say it is a thing we do!

We are also embarking on a huge family adventure during the second half of the year, travelling to China for 3 months from July to October.  I am super excited and am in the fun stages of planning and imagining all of the possibilities.  We will be based in the city of Shenzhen (around 30 minutes from Hong Kong) for most of our trip – but I am sure we’ll be exploring a little further afield too.

I’ve been musing over my plans for A Happy Adventure too.  I’ve got some fun ideas for crafting, recipes, family traditions and opportunities for making magic.  I’ve also been working on the ‘A Happy Adventure Manifesto’ (I’ve been totally obsessed with manifestos since discovering Chris Guillebeau’s blog about 3 years ago and reading his!) and I hope to share mine with you by the end of next month.

Basically, I’m pretty excited about all the next 12 months has to bring!  How about you?  What are your plans for 2013?  Have any of your ideas changed since January 1st??

Wishing you a very happy week, full of lovely adventures!



PS.  A kind stranger took that photo at the top of the post of us on Waitangi Day at the Botanic Gardens after I accosted him with my camera!  I’m in love with the picture as it is the first photo of the five of us that we’ve had in probably over a year, and the botanic gardens have a special place in my heart as Barry and I have been visiting them since we celebrated our first (dating) anniversary there with a picnic when we were 18!!!… If you are local to Auckland and have never been, I can highly recommend visiting – it is such a beautiful spot – perfect for a picnic – and loads of room for running around and exploring!

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