Little World France – Make an Omelette


Hello Friend! (or should I say Bonjour!)

Today I have a new post ready for the Little World France series.  There are many, many recipes that come to mind when I think of the food of France, it really is SO hard to narrow it down!  However the omelette is a perfect recipe to try out with your little ones – easy and quick to make, with simple flavours – you really can’t go wrong.

I’ve linked to printable PDF pages underneath the how-to below… Barry is trying to teach me how to make a pdf booklet, so it’s easier to download… but it’s a work in progress – for now, I’m afraid, you’ll have to download each page separately (ugh!)

Omelette Recipe 01 | A Happy Adventure

Omelette Recipe 02 | A Happy AdventureOmelette Recipe 03 | A Happy AdventureOmelette Recipe 04 | A Happy AdventureOmelette Recipe 05 | A Happy AdventureOmelette Recipe 06 | A Happy Adventure

PDFs to Download:


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4 Responses to “Little World France – Make an Omelette”

  1. May 02, 2013 at 5:58 am, bronwyn said:

    My little one LOVES making omelettes. She made them in cooking club in school and now she’s hooked. So nice to have a simple and nutritious meal option to add to the rotation. :) Love that the french chef spoon is giving the instructions.


    • May 02, 2013 at 5:00 pm, Hana said:

      Wow – a cooking club in school – what a cool idea … I’d love to hear some more about how that works!! You are right, egg-based meals are fun and super-easy to make… unfortunately Ava is not a big fan of eggs, but the other two love them, so we keep persisting!!
      H xo>


  2. May 03, 2013 at 4:20 am, bronwyn said:

    Our school has Club Day once a month and the clubs change each month. Teachers and sometimes parents lead the clubs. There are usually about three activities each grade can participate in and the kids get divided up. One month last year, my daughter got to do a cooking club. I think it was led by a parent who happens to be a chef, held it in the teacher’s lounge where there is a mini kitchen. I’m pretty sure they used hot plates for cooking. Then they set out various chopped veggies and the kids got to choose their fillings. Abby chose apples, carrots and tomatoes – an interesting combo but you won’t hear me complain. :)


    • May 05, 2013 at 8:04 pm, Hana said:

      Club day sounds awesome – I wish we had something like that at Ava’s school… I love Abby’s choices – she’s a kitchen adventurer, for sure!! I am trying to encourage my girls to be more adventurous with their tastebuds – I keep telling them they’re going to have to be when we go to China in July!! xo> > >


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