September Magical Days Calendar

September 2013 Printable Calendar | A Happy AdventureHello Friend!

I hope you’ve had a really lovely August.  It’s nice to think that Spring is almost in the air!!

September brings some fun magical days!  The first day of September is Father’s Day and the first day of Spring (yippee!); September 12th: Grandparent’s Day; and what a fun excuse to have some real fun: September 13th, Roald Dahl’s birthday; and September 21st, let’s all take some time to show some gratitude.

You can download a printable version of the calendar here: September 2013 Magical Days Calendar

I’m especially excited about September as Barry arrives in Hong Kong on the 12th (super-yay!)

Wishing you a very happy September!

Love always, Hana xo

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