We are a family who are BIG on books.  With a library habit bordering on addiction… and let’s not get started with Amazon!!  One of our very favourite places in the world is the Dorothy Butler Bookshop in Auckland – as soon as we enter the doors I can feel a growing sense of anticipation as to which treasures we will find!

Apart from browsing the online book catalogue, or the shelves of a lovely bookstore, there are a couple of places online that you are guaranteed to find a book recommendation or two you’ll be wanting to put on your wishlist:

Over time I hope to build this page up as a great resource for eager bookworms!  Not just children either, but Mamas who want to be inspired too… slowly I’ll be adding our favourites to this spot so please do check back now and again and you might just find a book or two which you can add to your favourites list too!!  If you have any of favourites you think I just have to check out please let me know – you can send me an email hana {at} ahappyadventure {dot} com

Poetry and Verse

Fantastic and Fun Christmas Books

  • The Perfect Christmas – a cute little book showing that you can celebrate Christmas in many different ways, and as long as it’s done with love, it’ll be perfect!

 Books for Adventurers

We love Books about Books!

Books for Artists

  • Ish just because it doesn’t look perfect, it doesn’t mean you’re not an artist!
  • Lester Fizz, Bubble-Gum Artist – I love this book about art in different forms – and the book references many famous pieces of art, too.
  • Babar’s Museum of Art (or Barbar’s Gallery) – Barbar converts the empty Celestville railway station into an Art Gallery full of some very famous pieces of art!!

Books to Comfort

  • The Secret Remedy Book: A Story of Comfort and Love this is such a sweet story about how one little girl copes with her homesickness while staying with her Aunty by completing all the tasks in their family’s ‘Secret Remedy Book’… after reading this one, we’ve been inspired to start our own little Secret Remedy Book!!
  • The Best-Loved Bear Tim’s bear, Toby, may not be the best-looking, but he’s definitely the best-loved… I read this one to the girls with tears in my eyes towards the end (that happens more than I care to admit!)

Sweet Critters

  • The Rabbits’ Wedding … try not to melt… the little black rabbit is sad, the little white rabbit asks why… “I just wish that I could be with you forever and always,” replied the little black rabbit.  The little white rabbit opened her eyes very wide and thought very hard.  “Why don’t you wish a little harder?” asked the little white rabbit… “Do you really wish that?” asked the little white rabbit.  “I really do,” replied the little black rabbit.  “Then I will be all yours,” said the little white rabbit.  “Forever and always?” asked the little black rabbit.  “Forever and always!” replied the little white rabbit… and so they marry … sigh… and the illustrations are gorgeous too.

Not Quite Right Fairy Tales

  • The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas … Prince Henrik and his search for an ‘unreal princess’ – loved reading this to the girls – as I worry about them obsessing over all things pink/pretty/princess.  A great message that princesses don’t have to be the stereotype.
  • Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants this is one of my girls’ favourite books!  It’s fun to read and fun to listen to and I guess a kind of modern-day David vs Goliath tale.

Not So Scary Stories

  • The Great Snortle Hunt armed with their handy ‘Snortle Spotters Guide’, three friends go on a hunt for a snortle.  We loved this slightly spooky story and the illustrations!
  • The Three Robbers who actually have hearts of gold.  Originally published in 1963, written by world-renowned author and illustrator Tomi Ungerer