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OK, finally, some more photos from our trip… these are from a day we spent in Senado Square and St Paul’s Ruins in Macau.  Macau is super interesting as it is a former Portuguese Colony so has an intriguing fusion of European and Chinese culture… Sweet Lola HATES waiting… unfortunately in China there seems to more »


One of the highlights of our trip to Macau was a visit to Seac Pai Van Park in Coloane to see the Giant Pandas.  I’m not sure the girls quite understood how rare it is to see a panda in real life but they were pretty delighted regardless… I love the mutual love in these more »


Hello Sweet Friend, How are you!!??  It has been quite some time, I know!  Can I tell you a secret?  I lost my blogging mojo.  I decided to take a little break… to have some time to just be: without thinking – ‘oh man, I need to take a photo of that’, or agonising over more »


Hello Friend, I’m gonna make this super-short.  After a huge storm on Saturday, our power was out until early Monday morning.  Feeling very grateful for that, once we got up and running we soon realised that our phone was now dead, and the internet running at dial-up speed (yet to be fixed). Honestly, I am more »


Hello friend, I’ve been battling a hideous head cold all weekend, so no lovely links today I’m sorry… instead… a couple of pictures from My Girl’s first and last days at kindy.  I can’t believe she’s five next week.  Seriously, how did that happen? Wishing you a lovely week, full of happy adventures!

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