verb /ikˈsplôr/

1. Travel in or through (an unfamiliar country or area) in order to learn about or familiarise oneself with it.

2. Search for resources.

I *dream* of exploring the world… of discovering every nook and cranny… anything and everything about travelling fascinates me.  I love that feeling of the possibility around every corner exploring a new place brings, and I want to bring that sense of adventure into my life – not just when I board a plane or step foot in a new place, but each and every day.

I love learning and discovering.  I love that on this planet, in this country, in my city there are people and places and things that are so different from who I am and what I know, and I hunger to find out more about them.  I truly believe in a world where we accept and celebrate our differences instead of mistrusting those who we don’t know or understand.  I love Mark Twain’s quote:

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…

In this space (A Happy Adventure) I want to share with you my passion for exploration.  Join me, let’s share this adventure together.  Let’s compare notes on both those discoveries which take place on our doorsteps and those half a world away.  Tell me your dreams of wanderlust and I promise to tell you mine!

Oh, how I dream of discovering the world!  Wanderlust runs through my veins.  It makes my feet itch and my heart beat faster – dreaming of the day I next get to go somewhere new and explore.  So I have some fun planned while my feet are tied to home.  The Wanderlust series is a mix of different posts all related to a particular destination.  I plan to explore and discover as much as I can and share all of that with you.

The idea of this Destination Inspiration series is a way to sate my strong urges to pack a bag and get on the next plane to anywhere.  So I’ve decided to explore how we can bring these various destinations into our homes without hopping on a plane.  I hope that it inspires you in some way to bring a little slice of this great big world into your home too!

I have a bit of a confession. *Gulp* Don’t think I’m weird… but… when I’m stressed out or want to avoid ‘real life’ I get on the internet and I plan my Fantasy Trip – the trip I would take to a particular destination if I had no limits – if I had just won lotto and had all the time in the world.  Trust me, it’s a fun game!

I’m a list maker.  A crazy, drive-my-husband-mad-with-lists-all-over-the-house list-maker… so, what better than a series where I get to share with you a variety of Top Ten lists relating to the destination of the moment?  I might share with you the Top Ten foods I’d like to try in France, the Top Ten Beaches I’d like to visit in Hawaii, or the Top Ten spots I’d love to have High Tea in London.  I’m hoping you’ll make some suggestions and give me some of your own Top Ten lists.

Cooking and eating bring me great joy… I thought I’d combine two of my great passions for this Food from Afar series.  I’m going to do a little investigating and provide you with a few destination-inspired recipes and dining ideas.

I take every opportunity I can to share my Wanderlust with my girls.  I think it is so important to bring them up with a hunger to learn more about this great big world and to expose them to the many wonderful people, cultures, sights and experiences that are out there.  In the Big Little Adventures series, I’ll show you how I teach my girls (and hopefully pass on a passion to discover more) about a particular destination and provide you with some ideas that you can incorporate into your family too.

In this Explorer’s Manifesto series, I will be exploring my ideas behind a traveller’s framework more closely.  Investigating the various aspects of travel: concepts such as anticipation, motivation and perception, as well as practical matters like eating, sleeping and memory-making; we’ll discuss how we can heighten our experiences as Explorers of the World.

If you’d like to say hello, ask a question or make a suggestion, please email me: hana {at} ahappyadventure {dot} com