open book

I’m all for transparency.  And I wanted to let you know exactly what the story was – just so there’s no confusion.  If my blog were a wedding speech, this would be the bit where the MC gets up and tells the guests where the toilets are and addresses other ‘housekeeping matters’.  So…

Real Life

Sometimes I don’t get out of these all day:










…More often than I’d like to admit, my bubbas are doing one of these three things, and sometimes (again, more than I’d like to admit!) I find myself doing the same back at them:

Often, I have days when I just want to go back here















and eat this…










However, most of the time, you won’t be hearing about any of that from me.

Why not?

Because, A Happy Adventure is all about the magical moments, and trust me when I say, there are some things in life that are in no way magical!  So, occasionally, when applicable, I might just throw one of those not-so-magical things out there.  But, on the whole, this my space for inspiring and being inspired, there are so many things that I could share with you, but for now that’s not what I choose to focus on.


Affiliates and the like

Let me just say, it is always my ultimate goal to provide you, fellow Adventurer, with content that is valuable and speaks to your heart.  I will always treat this site and you, my dear reader, with the respect and integrity you deserve and hope that you will never feel as though I am taking advantage of the relationship we are building here.  A Happy Adventure is a true labour of love for me – a place where I get to share with you those things that really make my heart sing.

Like many people in this new creative age I am seeking to eke out a living doing what I love.  And so, as the website develops, it is my intention to provide you with additional products and resources that will inspire you to celebrate your life as A Happy Adventure.

Around the site you will find a number of links and recommendations for books and products, and also *hopefully very soon* a shop full of lovely goodies, that I think you might like.  I want you to know I will never recommend a book or product that I have not already bought and loved for myself.  But, I think it is also important for you to know that I am signed up for several affiliate programmes (including Amazon Associates) and when you click on these links I receive a percentage of any sale for the referral.

Images & Content

I make every effort to attribute the images I use here to the correct source.  If you find an image of yours that is not attributed correctly or you would like me to remove it, please contact me so I can fix it!

Most of the images here are my own (both photographs and artwork).  If you would like to use any images or content from A Happy Adventure, I welcome you sharing the content that inspire you and would appreciate it if you could link back to this site.

Well, that’s all for now lovelies… if you have any questions feel free to send me an email:

hana {at} a happy adventure {dot} com